Amandla! New Organizers Program aspires to increase the effectiveness of Black frontline organizers in social change practices, strengthening relationships amongst Black organizers and organizations with the power to mobilize a significant Black base in target cities. It focuses on deepening foundational skills of organizing including base building and leadership development, campaign planning, media work, effective planning tools and others.

At the end of the program participants will:

1. Understand and competently perform the basics of organizing;
understand the importance of vision and have the ability to connect local fights to larger issues.

2. Develop practices for self-awareness and centering;

and identify fears, anxieties and other barriers to their own growth and development.

3. Be able to contextualize their work/issues

in the local and broader political economy and movement history.

4. Be able to plan, perform, evaluate and adjust their work effectively.


Participants will primarily be recruited from social justice organizations from around the country, whose lead staff member(s) (executive directors, directors of organizing, lead organizers) have participated, or are currently participating or have made a commitment to participate in BOLD’s directors’ track.


At the Training Retreats new organizers learn foundational organizing skills; organizational performance skills (mainly involving effective planning, evaluation and effective communication); develop practices for self-awareness and transformative leadership; and engage in political education. Organizers will leave each retreat with assignments and clear benchmarks for on-the ground practice.

  • PRACTICE SESSIONSPractice Sessions are built into each multi-day training retreat to deepen the practice and knowledge of the material learned. The sessions also allow BOLD staff to observe and offer participants’ assessments.
    One of the key foundational organizing skills learned through these sessions is base building. Participants will get to practice this and other important organizing skills, in real time, by working on one of the host organization’s campaign(s); by supporting in street outreach and door-knocking efforts.
  • BOLD staff will conduct regular coaching calls in between Training Retreats to: support and hold participants accountable in their organizing activities; and support participants’ personal development and transformation.
  • EVALUATIONSParticipants will receive 2 work performance evaluations during the course of the program. The assessors will include the participants themselves, their direct supervisors and BOLD staff. The first evaluation will be conducted midway through the program and the final evaluation will be conducted towards the end of the program.
  • BOLD staff will conduct standing monthly conference calls with all supervisors to assess how AMANDLA participants are performing in their activities on the ground and to provide participants with any support that facilitates effective implementation of the skills learned. In these calls, BOLD staff will have an opportunity to share effective supervision methods with supervisors. BOLD staff will also be available for regular individual calls with supervisors as needed.


    This four-day workshop is structured for new frontline organizers and those looking to freshen up on the basic principles of organizing. Participants learn the fundamental practices for highly effective organizing like developing vision, building relationships, identifying fears and executing campaigns effectively. AMANDLA alum leave the training embodying their full leadership potential.

    Join us, contact us, and see enrollment details below.

    June 17-July 17, 2022


    October 17-21 AND November 14-18, 2022

    Franklinton Center at Bricks, Whitakers NC

    $1,500 (Partial scholarships may be available)

    **Priority will be given to those whose Director or Lead Organizer is a BOLD alum or applying. This course is a pre-requisite for the Amandla Praxis Organizing Intensive. You can apply for Amandla Fundamentals as a stand-alone, or apply for both Fundamentals and Praxis.


This five-day intensive workshop is for organizers working on an active campaign with a host organization. Our experienced facilitators will provide mentorship and coaching, and will look at your project with an eye toward refining and singling out areas of improvement. Participants will transform their relationship to self and to their work, developing the skills necessary to win on our issues and advance Black progress through organizing.

Applicants should have completed Amandla Fundamentals or a Director-Level course. Applicants must attend BOTH weeks.

May 12-June 12, 2022

September 12-16 and September 19-23, 2022


$1,500 (Partial scholarships may be available)

**Priority will be given to those whose Director or Lead Organizer is a BOLD alum or applying. Amandla Fundamentals is a prerequisite for Amandla Praxis.