This forum is a safe space for members to share questions, ask for advice and grow our thoughts, ideas, and impact. When you post, other BOLDers can comment with their experiences. We share, exchange, debate and celebrate based on our own lived experiences not broad judgements based on something we don’t know. We can share hypotheses and be willing to engage to see if we are correct. Theory & Praxis.

We invite you all to use this forum as a space to throw stuff out there you want feedback on – or stuff you want to share about you – Frustrated? Sad? Proud? Laughing out loud? Share it here.

You are here because you are a BOLD graduate! Therefore, we expect you to use this space respectfully. Several agreements will allow us to make this space work:

DON’T JUDGE. Seriously – You always have the choice to *not* add your two cents, to listen and learn instead of ‘splain. Please check your intentions and how your words will be met before you post or comment.


YES share you own experiences!

YES ask for support that you need!

YES ask for information!

NO cartoons, memes, comic relief, at the cost of someone else.

NO judgement. We are all different, and we don’t know the context behind each other’s choices. Before you post or comment, T.H.I.N.K: are your words:

*** True? Helpful? Important? Necessary? Kind? ***

Hurtful, harmful, derogatory language will be removed and the person who posted it will also be removed.

NO misogynist, transphobic, homophobic, shares, articles images will be tolerated.

Posts with language that silences marginalized voices will be dealt with by the moderators at our discretion. Members who do not keep this group a safe space for all members will be removed from the group.

THANK YOU for being a powerful, beautiful, radical participant for taking care of and holding space for each other, for being brave enough to change the world by living in community and demanding justice & freedom.

*Black Love*

The Moderators — Cicily & Denise