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Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity

BOLD fulfills its purpose by equipping Black organizers and Black Leaders of social justice organizations with the personal and organizational tools they need to build and sustain allied social movements. BOLD carries out its mission through a series of training and mentorship programs.





who we are

About Us

Reinvigorating the Black Social Justice Infrastructure

BOLD (Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity) is a national training intermediary focused on transforming the practice of Black organizers in the US to increase their alignment, impact, and sustainability to win progressive change. BOLD carries out its mission through training programs, coaching, and technical assistance for BOLD alumni and partners.

Training Black Organizers to Increase Impact

Building Maroon Space to Restore, Dream & Build Power

BOLD envisions a Black organizing sector that activates and develops the mass base needed to win on our issues, lead a multiracial alliance for social and environmental justice, build power, and govern. We are grounded in these values:

Black Love &
Black Joy

We embrace Black Love & Black Joy as a revolutionary act.

Black Excellence

We use our roots as a springboard to achieve excellence in our work and communities. We practice this daily.

Maroon Space

We hold a brave space for community building, self-actualization, and the liberation of our people at the local and national levels.

Black Mastery

Embodying courage, compassion, rigor, resilience, and agility is at the center of all we do.

Black Liberation

We collectively fight for the Freedom of our people.

Our Impact

10-Year Evaluation Report

In 10 short years, BOLD has quadrupled its staff and trainers, developed over 600 Black organizers, and acquired 105 acres to establish our first Organizing, Training, and Retreat Center–Our Maroon Space. Our alumni have catalyzed major policy wins and launched movements like Black Lives Matter, the Carolina Federation, and more.

2024 Programs


BOLD is a commitment to a powerful and coordinated Black Left. Our 2024 course offerings aim to fulfill this commitment by offering training in political education, transformative organizing, and embodied leadership. BOLD courses also build a community of practice among Black Left organizers committed to courageously and consistently taking responsibility for achieving a collective vision of liberation, even in the face of uncertain and changing conditions.


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Goal to win a Dignified & Sustained World

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Invest in Black Excellence

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Become a monthly sustainer to serve more oraganizers, scale up our programs, build maroon space and strengthen Black Movement Building.

Directors and organizers trained by BOLD share the impact BOLD had in their lives and their work


The BOLD network has strength that built out the Movement for Black Lives and has built out a lot of the organizations in that network. Not all of it, but a lot of the leadership in those formations has come through BOLD, and has built their relationship through that network.
I believe that BOLD has shaped the current landscape of Black Organizing with particular attention to the center-left and left on a national level. BOLD is also shaping regional work because almost all organizing spaces have multiple BOLD graduates.
BOLD has done a lot of work to re-situate organizing inside of Black Movement...BOLD is helping to proliferate Black-Led formations that are rooted in radical values and visions.