Essex County Community Organization Seeks Organizer

We are looking to hire an organizer that will focus on organizing in Black and immigrant communities!

ECCO is a multifaith network of 39 congregations and the North Shore Labor Council that works to create a world where everyone belongs, where we all can thrive, and where we all have a say in the decisions that shape our lives.

Building relationships across race and class, we exercise solidarity and power to put human dignity at the center of public life. ECCO members address the root causes of the problems we face by using community organizing principles of leadership development and action for justice.

ECCO has a radical commitment to the following six operating principles.

1. All people can think and act for themselves. We work to create spaces and mechanisms that allow people to exercise their innate rationality and creativity.

2. Those closest to the pain should lead the work. The leadership of the oppressed is necessary for a just society because it produces life-giving solutions to injustice and public policies that are in the interest of those who suffer.

3. Race is a diagnostic tool. Since people of color experience the political and economic toxicities of our society first, race can be used as an indicator of failed policies that need radical transformation.

4.   It is in our interest to work together towards justice because our lives are interdependent. Our own healing and liberation are dependent on the healing and liberation of all people.

5.   Our power and liberation are unleashed in community – The lesson of our sacred texts and the history of social movements in the U.S. and throughout the world demonstrate that lasting transformative change occurs when we work collectively in community.

6. Democratic participatory decision-making produces innovation and creates ownership – It is worth our time and energy to invest in democratic decision-making. When we make decisions together, we think more creatively and are more invested in carrying out the plans we have made.

Our work contributes to the statewide impact of the Massachusetts Communities Action Network and stands in solidarity with our six sister MCAN affiliates. Nationally we are proud to partner with Faith In Action.

If you’re interested, please contact ECCO directly by submitting your interest.