NDWA Digital Organizer + Digital Organizing Director

NDWA Digital Organizer + Digital Organizing Director

  • The National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) is the nation’s leading voice for respect, recognition and labor standards for nannies, house cleaners and home care workers. Through leadership development, strategic campaigns and alliance building, we are raising employment standards for the domestic workforce while building a powerful movement for social and global justice. 

NDWA was founded in 2007 by 13 local domestic worker organizing projects. As of 2021, the alliance has grown to include 75 local affiliate organizations and chapters, and a base of thousands of individual workers who have joined NDWA directly. We are building a mass base of nannies, housecleaners, and home care workers, including workers who are connected to local organizations as well as others who are in places where there is no local organization for them to join. NDWA is the home for all domestic workers in the U.S. to work together toward a shared vision of dignity and respect for all domestic workers, and for an economy and a democracy that work for us all.

Since domestic workers work in isolation, behind closed doors and in private homes, much of our domestic worker outreach, worker communications and programming is conducted using digital tools. NDWA seeks a skilled, visionary and motivated Digital Organizing Director to lead our domestic worker Digital Organizing Department. The successful candidate will be a visionary, big picture thinker who has digital organizing prowess and a track record of developing large-scale digital programs. The position requires skills for metrics-based evaluation and planning, as well as a spirit of innovation, experimentation and creativity to design a digital organizing program for this unique workforce of nannies, housecleaners and home care workers. The Digital Organizing Director will be a skilled and experienced team leader with strong project management and supervisory skills. 

Open Positions

The Digital Organizing Director will lead the membership/digital organizing team. They and their team will establish and oversee a strategic vision for the growth of NDWA’s domestic worker base, establish a clear and compelling online worker experience, refine NDWA’s theories of digital organizing and worker engagement in our campaigns and projects, and refine our membership model and strategies for conversion and retention of dues-paying members.

    •  Please submit a cover letter, resume, and one professional writing sample here.  This position will remain open until filled.

The bilingual English/Spanish Digital Organizer will focus on building online connection, community and engagement- especially for workers in locations where there is no local NDWA chapter or affiliate. 

  • Please submit a cover letter, resume, and one professional writing sample here. This position will remain open until filled.

Women, People of Color, People with Disabilities and LGBTQ people strongly urged to apply. Applications will only be accepted electronically.