Kataly Foundation Operations and Projects Manager

Kataly Foundation Operations and Projects Manager

Operations and Projects Manager 


San Francisco Bay Area, CA (currently remote) 

Reports to 

Director of Finance and Operations 

Organization Background 

Kataly Foundation, a new family foundation based in the San Francisco Bay Area, is  committed to supporting restorative economics, environmental justice, and mindfulness and  racial justice. Founded with the intention of spending out a $445 million endowment over a ten to fifteen-year time horizon, this growing organization intends not only to support movements  around these issues, but also to serve as a progressive leader in philanthropy. At this  inaugural moment, the foundation is seeking to build its Finance and Operations team to  support the foundation’s programs and grantees.  

Kataly’s mission is to support and provide resources to communities and social movements  that are exploring new solutions to persistent, systemic problems. Kataly does this while  embracing its role and responsibility in changing systems that led to wealth extraction from  these communities in the first place. We move resources to support the economic, political,  and cultural power of Black and Indigenous communities, and all communities of color. By  transforming its own relationship to capital, the planet, and each other, the Kataly Foundation  will redistribute and redefine wealth in a way that leads to transformation, abundance, and  regeneration. 

One important distinction of the Kataly Foundation is that its approach is meant to be inclusive  of the activist communities it seeks to fund. Pursuing a “bottom-up” philosophy, the Foundation  actively engages leaders in the fields it supports to help make grantmaking decisions. In a  sharp departure from traditional philanthropy, Kataly aims to center solutions where the  problems are. In addition, the Foundation is committed to philanthropic best practices: general  operating support, creative use of capital, and a commitment to capacity building and network  weaving. 

Position Responsibilities 

The Operations and Projects Manager will be a thoughtful and engaged contributor to Kataly’s growing team, reporting to the Director of Finance and Operations. The successful candidate  will have experience with operational processes, procurement, project management, and  human resources functions. Overall, this position will be responsible for managing operational  projects that develop, document, and improve the organization’s internal structures and  systems so they align with our overall mission and goals. 

Specifically, the Operations and Projects Manager will: 

▪ Adapt inclusive procurement practices to develop and continuously maintain a list of  mission-aligned vendors and consultants to provide services to the Foundation, building  strong and mutually respectful relationships. 

▪ Support staff throughout the Foundation in securing contractors for work that needs to  be carried out ensuring that the appropriate documentation is on file to facilitate timely  payment of contractors and internal requirements are met. 

▪ Work with the Director of Finance and Operations to document and streamline  operations processes, recommend improvements, and maintain a dynamic operations  manual that outlines all of the Foundation’s systems and processes. 

▪ Manage finance and operations team workflow and deadlines in designated project  management systems. 

▪ Coordinate the development of user manuals, training materials, and other documents  as needed to enable staff use of systems. 

▪ Assist in the development and maintenance of a Foundation intranet and/or digital  space to facilitate increased collaboration among staff and share key messages and  updates.  

▪ Manage human resources related projects and processes including hiring, onboarding,  and offboarding. 

▪ In coordination with senior staff, help develop, implement, and evaluate Kataly’s  performance management system. 

▪ Work with staff as needed to create detailed project management plans for various  projects including defining scope, setting milestones and deadlines, and creating budget  estimates. 

▪ Build the right project teams with both internal and external stakeholders and assign,  prioritize, and supervise tasks. 

▪ Ensure that all project team members have the required information and resources to  carry out their tasks effectively. 

▪ Plan and lead project meetings as necessary and manage communication with internal  and external stakeholders.

Profile of the Successful Candidate 

The Kataly Foundation is deeply committed to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. We seek  to have a diverse and inclusive workforce to promote effective work in partnership with all  communities and population groups. The Foundation seeks a professional with a commitment  to the power of philanthropy, social justice and the common good; a passion for Kataly’s  program areas and organizational values; a collegial work style; a sense of humor; and the  dedication to work hard toward fulfilling the foundation’s mission of truly empowering  communities and moving the needle on critical issues facing our nation. 

Within this framework, Kataly Foundation seeks an Operations and Projects Manager with the  following attributes: 

▪ 8+ years of operational experience in a business or nonprofit organization. ▪ Theoretical and practical knowledge of project management processes, workflows, and  terminology. 

▪ Extensive experience using project management software and tools. ▪ Experience using online collaborative diagramming tools to map processes and  procedures. 

▪ Knowledge of human resources processes and issues. 

▪ Capacity to train other team members. 

▪ Excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills 

▪ The ability to manage confidential or sensitive information with discretion. ▪ The ability to easily interact with a wide range of people and styles with a customer  service approach. 

▪ Strong internal service orientation background. 

▪ Highly organized with an attention to detail and a commitment to rigor and excellent  work product. 

▪ Strong time management skills and the ability to manage multiple projects  simultaneously. 

▪ Strong work ethic and highest level of personal and professional integrity. 

Additionally, the successful candidate will likely have: 

▪ A bachelor’s degree in a related field. 

▪ Proven experience in project management; Project Management Professional (PMP)  certification is a plus. 

▪ Strong operational and implementation experience. 

▪ Exposure and/or experience with grantmaking processes.

Start Timeframe 

We seek to have someone in place by Spring 2021. 


This is a full-time (40 hours) exempt position offering a competitive salary and a  comprehensive benefits package.  

To Apply 

All applications are held in strict confidence. Please submit your resume along with a cover  letter expressing why you think you would make a good fit for this position to jobs@kataly.org, to the attention of Joleen Ruffin, Director of Finance and Operations. Applications will be  reviewed on a rolling basis with priority consideration given to early applicants. The deadline to apply is March 15, 2021. 

Learn more about the Foundation at www.kataly.org