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Voting Day Message from Denise

statement from director

Voting is one small part of what is necessary for all of us to do, I don’t need to say that to those who are reading this newsletter. Getting your membership and constituents to vote is the other part of what is necessary for us to all do. I don’t need to say that to you all either because this is what most of you all have been up to for days, weeks, months or maybe even years! Many of your organizations have been prioritizing time on the phones and in streets and it is greatly appreciated. 


I want to acknowledge and thank all of those folks who have been helping take us through scenario planning for post election. This is a very grounding process to keep all the pieces of the state systems and our strategies into relationship with one another. We can’t have the pre-election and post-election efforts be in isolation from each-other, which means we can’t be in isolation from one another no matter our role. We need to know when and where we show up and what our position is going to be on this turf of North America. Our vote determines the conditions we will struggle in. And yes, we will experience a distinct difference with the conditions under a Biden/Harris victory. 


I see the efforts and struggles to build the bigger vision, the bigger WE and I know this is not easy. It comes with a variety of challenges. If we start with ourselves and get real about how we are showing up, how we are committed to purposeful principled struggle, then when we join forces together we can win against those who believe they can beat us! This election is a test of where we are today; it’s also a lesson for all time.

We can not do this without opening our hearts and minds as our hands toil. I want to highlight all of our safety. I mean every aspect of safety because any uncertainty or fear for ourselves, our organizations, and our communities will be used against us and we must know that WE KEEP US SAFE. Please know that our Black excellence must be protected. Therefore, share your principles, practices, experiences — any and all elements of organizational, community, individual safety — with each other. 


Remember our interdependence, supporting each-other should be first and foremost. We need to be thoughtful and creative with solutions to challenges. The following questions can guide our collective approach:


How do we share resources to be financially resilient? Can we share information and ideas on where to own land or create new maroon spaces? Can we expand the tools and practices for how to keep safe and address conflicts? Can we keep each-other accountable for staying in deliberate practice with our bodies and minds, working steadily on our physical health, well-being, and embodiment? 


If we do these things now, we may have the strength to sustain all our efforts for a long time to come.


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