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Learning to Win Survey

Dear Organizing Community:

We have a quick favor to ask. Learning to Win is a national community learning space for organizers and needs 5-7 minutes from you to complete this survey to help develop and fund a nationwide progressive mentoring program.

Our goal is to recruit broadly for mentors who have the organizing and issue advocacy experience that would likely be helpful to other staff and leaders. They will come from a variety of experience and volunteer their guidance to those who could benefit from it. This would be a directory and an on-line forum where potential mentors could share their experience and expertise, and offer their help.

Our goal now is to reach out to both mentors and mentees to gather their opinions and needs. This survey is to give us your feedback about this idea, how it may support your work, and whether you would consider using this program if it were available.

Thanks for taking the time to help us with this project.

The Advisory Committee for Org. Mentors and Learning to Win Mentorship Working Committee,

Alex T. Tom, Denise Perry, Greisa Martinez, Ethan Asher, Heather Boothe, Wylie Chang, Bryan Perlmutter, Jeff Kirsch, Russ Finkelstein, Paris Walker, Esperanza Tervalon-Garrett, and Helena Wong

Survey Link: Learning to Win Survey