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Black August Haiku Poems


“Speak our truth, Beloved

Words like a balm on our souls

so we can carry on…”Marielle Smith

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“Black magic is how

we can throw our heads back and

still laugh in the midst

Pain transformed into

punchlines, music, power and

back to tears once more”Makani Themba

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“When St. Louis cried

The streets bled and the world saw

Resistance as love”Shani Angela

#RIPMikeBrown #BlackAugust575

“George Stiney Jr, Emmett Till

there are no children.

war and greed kill mothers first,

fathers, faith, futures

no chair for Emmett

no tears, mother to witness

no holding of hands

you must light the world

you must haunt their killers, free

the children to run”Peter Hardie


“which one of you here

in my left shoulder, laughing

when I think I’m strong

which one in my hip

trembling when I fall in love

keeping me right there

who thrums up my spine

when history in the room

whispering this, now

who folds me in two

when the world breaks my small heart

saying, I’ll hold you

I know, ancestor

I know, freedom fighter, witch

warrior, lover

the ancestor I

am becoming / knows your names

each divine letter

the ancestor I

am becoming / loves you so

each sacred moment”Adrienne Maree Brown