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New Video Series: Sendolo Diaminah

When BOLD was founded in 2011, long-time Black organizers (Denise Perry, Danielle Mahones and Ng’ethe Maina, Dushaw Hocket, Alta Starr, Lola Smallwood-Cuevas, Gloria Walton, Charlene Sinclair, Marquese Harris-Dawson, Steve Williams, Steve Pitts, Kevin Ryan, Derrick Johnson and Adrianne Shropshire) were inspired by the stirrings and potential of what they saw happening in modern day organizing; at the same time, they grappled with what they saw as a weakening of the social justice infrastructure needed to develop progressive, dependable, and innovative strategy and tactics relevant to the times.

They took action immediately and created a community for Black leaders for strategic organizing and  movement building. For some of you, this is an old, familiar story, one we often share with our staff, alum, partners and followers. Yet, it’s a tale that bears repeating for it serves as a reminder of how far BOLD  has come in just 8 years.

At this 8-year milestone, we are excited to launch a quarterly interview series, where we will dialogue with BOLD alum, staff, trainers  and partners on the issues that matter most to all of us.

First up is Sendolo “Lola” Diaminah (BOLD Trainer) who shares with us his powerful insights on a variety of topics including:

  • His analysis of the current political landscape
  • Integrating transformatives practices into everyday life
  • Why Sendolo is currently nerding out on habit stacking and evolutionary biology
  • What books are on his nightstand

Check out the interview and enjoy!

What are some of the ways you integrate practice on a daily basis? Who do you want to hear from next?  Share with us via email info@boldorganizing.org and write “VIDEO SERIES” in the subject line.